1995 Ford Mustang Build – Part I

Welcome back again. Today we have the 1995 Mustang back. Some of you might remember this one from previous blogs. This beast has a cobra IRS and now a built 347. Today it’s in to fix some minor things. First we installed solid drop motor mounts. This was to help the intake manifold clear the hood. After that since the intake sits higher and this motor has taller valve covers, we had to modify the EGR valve and tube to hook it up correctly. As you can see we cut and welded the fitting at an angle to clear the valve covers. After that a few modifications to the EGR tube and it was done. This 347 features a 7 qt oil pan which is great, but the clutch cable was binding against it causing it to fail. In order to fix this there were a couple ways to go about doing this. The first would be a custom hydraulic clutch set up. This of course requires a lot of work and fabrication. The other option we thought of was to switch it to a Foxbody bellhousing. The foxbody bellhousing has a different position for the clutch fork. It is a bit higher which will allow the cable to clear the pan. Of course there are a bunch of little differences that have to be changed as well. Including the transmission input shaft and clutch fork. The 94/95 transmission bell housing is taller than the fox body as you see. So the input shaft is longer. Check back soon for the completed project!


~ by renegademustangs on April 9, 2010.

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