1999 Ford Mustang Cobra – Tokico D-specs and Eibach Pro Kit Install

Welcome back to another install by RPMM. Today we have a 1999 Cobra. It is here for Eibach lowering kit along with Tokico D-Spec shocks and struts. With this combo it will drastically improve the handling and look. This springs are a progressive rate which helps retain a decent ride quality, but as it compresses it becomes more stiff which is great for handling. Along with that we are installing Tokico D-Specs which are adjustable. This will allow him to dial in the suspension the way he wants it. As you can see we start off by removing the rear shocks. To get access to them, part of the trunk paneling has to come out. After the old shock is removed the spring can come out. After installing the new springs the new shocks can be installed. On the front we start by removing the upper strut bolts. After that the lower strut bolts can be removed along with the struts. Now the new springs can be installed. After that the new struts go on. Then we can adjust them to the middle setting so then the customer can fine tune it to his liking. All that is required to adjust the shocks is a key that is supplied and by inserting it into the top of the shocks and struts and turning it you can make it stiffer or softer. Check back soon for more installs!


~ by renegademustangs on April 13, 2010.

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