2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt – Full racing suspension and brakes Part II Done!

Well the beast is done! As you can see it was a lot of work. After removing the factory struts, the new coil overs could be assembled. While the struts were out of the way the sway bar can be installed. This is a must for anyone looking to get better handling. Now the new coil overs can be installed. For now the camber plates are set in the middle till an alignment can be done. With the coil overs installed the strut tower brace can be reinstalled. Now with the front suspension done we move on to the front brakes. Now installed are Baer Decela rotors and pads. With these pads and rotors he can now safely stop the car and not worry about heat soak and warping the stock rotors. Now its time to move to the back of the car. We start off by installing and welding the lower control arm relocation. Once mocked up with the vehicle on the ground, it back be welded in place.  Once that is done we can move on the setting up the control arms to correct length. Once the lowers are set up we can move upwards to the 3rd link. With this adjustable 3rd link we can correctly set pinion angle for the new ride height. Now it’s time to set the rear coils. With the Steeda kit we can adjust the ride height to get it where the customer wants it. With the coils in the rear shocks can be installed and adjusted. With the shocks installed the adjustable panhard bar and brace can be installed. Next is the rear sway bar. Now the rear brakes can be put on. Again we have Baer Decela Rotors and Pads. Now its time for adjustment! Now we focus on getting the correct ride height, axle location,  and pinion angle. Now it’s ready for alignment and some fun driving! Check back soon for more installs!


~ by renegademustangs on June 2, 2010.

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