1988 Ford Thunderbird – Headers and rear disc conversion Completed!

Welcome back to the finished T-bird. With the headers done we moved on to the rear disc conversion. This bird already has a 5 lug conversion done to it, but still has drums in the back. We are going to fix that! We start by pulling the wheels and drums off. After that we need to pull the axles out so we have to pull the diff cover off. Once removed we can pull the C-clips and pull the axles out. With the axles out the drum assemblies can be removed. With the drums brakes removed we can install the new brackets for the discs and then install the rotors and calipers. With the new brakes installed it’s time to plumb them. Once plumbed and bleed it’s time for some fun! Check back soon for more installs by RPMM!


~ by renegademustangs on July 23, 2010.

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