2010 Camaro SS – Magnuson Supercharger Install Part II Completed

Welcome back to the final part of install on Magnuson Supercharger. With the head unit installed we can move on to the plugs. We recommend running a colder spark plugs. The need for installing a colder spark plug is to prevent pre-ignition and detonation of the fuel due to the higher cylinder temperatures found in the supercharged engines. We opted for the NGK TR6 plugs. After gapping them a bit tighter we can put them in. With the new plugs in we can reinstall the coils and plug wires. After that the fuel system is hooked up to the new rails. Now we can move onto all the vacuum lines. With all the vacuum lines hooked up with can install the new belt and adjust the idler pulley. After reinstalling the intake it’s time to plumb the intercooler and heat exchanger. With all the cooling lines hooked up we can wire up the intercooler pump. And it’s done! Listen to that thing rumble! Check back soon for more installs!


~ by renegademustangs on August 2, 2010.

One Response to “2010 Camaro SS – Magnuson Supercharger Install Part II Completed”

  1. Did you dyno post SC install? What’s the RWHP / RWTQ numbers?

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