2010 Camaro RS V6 – JBA Shorty Headers, SLP Axle Back, Airaid Intake, Eibach Springs and Sway Bars and front spoiler!

Welcome back! Today we have a 2010 Camaro V6 getting a bunch of goodies. We installed JBA shorty headers, SLP Loud Mouth II axle back, Airaid Intake, Eibach springs and sway bars, and Stillen Front Spoiler. All this in a one day turn around! Drop it off in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon! We started off by installing the headers. First the stock air box comes out to get access to the stock manifolds. After removing the stock manifolds you can see the difference! With the stock manifolds removed the new headers can be installed. With the new headers bolted in we can move on modifying the stock mid pipe. A section of the stock mid pipe has to be removed on both sides. Now we can weld up the new connection pieces. Now we can bolt in the mid pipe! After that we moved onto the axle back. The stock axle back is cut out and removed. Now the new SLP can go in. After installing the new axle back it is adjusted and tightened down. Now this thing is starting to come together! Now it’s time to move onto the suspension. To get the handling and the look we wanted we went with Eibach Pro Kit. We start out in the rear and remove the stock rear strut assembly. With the rear struts out we can disassemble them and install the new springs. Next we can remove the rear sway bar and prepare to install the new one. With the stock one out we can see the difference! With the new springs and sway bars installed in the rear we can move onto the front. We removed the stock sway bar and again we can see the difference between the Eibach and the stock! With the new sway bar installed we can move onto the front springs. Once the stock struts are removed, they are disassembled and the new springs installed and reinstalled. Now that the suspension is all set its time to install the new intake. Now that the performance is all set it’s time to set this Camaro apart with an aggressive front chin spoiler. To do this we looked upon Stillen’s V6 front spoiler. The front bumper is removed to line up the new chin spoiler. After cleaning the bumper the chin spoiler is installed with 3M tape and set screws. Now this thing is ready for the road! Make sure to check out the video and come back soon for more installs!


~ by renegademustangs on September 10, 2010.

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