2010 Camaro SS Build – Code Name Project “Sinister”

Welecome to another build by RPMM. Today we are working on a beautiful 2010 Camaro SS. We have a pretty big build on this one including Whipple supercharger, Comp Cam and Phaser kit, Valve springs, head porting, ADM custom gauges, Hawk Brake Pads, BMR tunnel Brace, BMR IRS bushing kit, BMR adjustable toe rods, and BMR trailing arms. After this bad boy is assembled, its time to head to the dyno! Like any big project disassembly is always the first step. We start off by removing the intake, intake manifold, headers, and exhaust. Once out of the way we can work on unbolting the heads. With the heads off they are sent off to JR Competition for a sweet Stage II Street porting. Now that we know the heads are going to be able to flow some air we need to put in a cam that will allow the heads to do there job. Because this is a L99 this engine is equipped with a VVT system. The VVT system is a great system that can give you great low end torque and still give you great top end power. So we opted to keep this system and get one of Comp Cams VVT cams and phaser kit. With the old cam out of the way the new cam can go with along with the phaser. With that done we can move onto the suspension. We start off by install the new BMR cradle bushings and then the diff housing bushings. This will help wheel hop and improve traction in all conditions. With the new bushings in we can install the new toe rods and trailing arms.  With the suspension done we can now continue on the motor with the freshly ported heads. Check back soon for more progress pictures and start up video!


~ by renegademustangs on October 5, 2010.

One Response to “2010 Camaro SS Build – Code Name Project “Sinister””

  1. Looking good Greg & Wes!

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