2011 Chevy Camaro SS – Exhaust, Gears, Springs, Sways, Intake, Shifter, and Skip Shift install – Complete

Welcome back! We recently had an opportunity to have some fun with a brand new 2011 Camaro. What we installed were Flowmaster exhaust, Richmond 4.10 gears, Pfadt Springs and Sway bars, CAI intake, Barton shifter, and a skip shift. We started off by removing the stock exhaust. With that out of the way we moved onto the suspension. After pulling out the rear struts, and started to disassemble the rear end for the gears. With the center section out we can start disassembling the pumpkin. With the pumpkin apart the new gears can be installed and set up to spec. With the center section back together we can put the assembly back in the car. With the center section reinstalled the new rear sway bar is installed and the new lowering springs are installed. The front struts are removed along with the front sway bar and replaced with the new stuff from Pfadt Racing. With that done the new exhaust can be installed. After getting the tips back centered the exhaust can be torqued and we can move on. Next on the list is the cold air intake. After removing the factory intake system, the new CAI can be assembled and installed. With that done it’s time to get this thing to shift better. First we installed a new skip shift eliminator. With that installed it was time to move onto the shifter. For this we are using the Barton Shifter. Once the factory shifter is disassembled the new one replaces it for a much shorter and cleaner shift. After the new arm and knob is installed this thing is ready for the road! Be sure to check back soon for more installs!


~ by renegademustangs on December 27, 2010.

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