2011 Shelby GT500 – Metco Supercharger Pulley, Tensioner, Borla Exhaust, Shelby Heat Exchanger and Hood Pins

Welcome back to our blog. For those of who are new to it, here we post progress pictures of some of the cool cars we work on as well as events and big announcements. Make sure to subscribe to it to be up to date with all the cool stuff going on. Today we worked on a jaw dropping 2011 Shelby GT500. We installed a Metco 2.6″ supercharger pulley, Metco double ball bearing tensioner, Borla cat back exhaust with x-pipe, Super Snake hood pins, and a Shelby heat exchanger with dual fans. We started off by removing the factory exhaust system. Side by side you can already tell this is going to sound better. With the stock exhaust out of the way the new stuff can be installed. With the exhaust done, it was time to move onto the supercharger pulley. Using the correct tools the factory supercharger pulley is slowly removed. With it removed the tensioner can be installed using the supplied 3 bolts and spacers. With that installed the new supercharger pulley hub can be installed. With the hub installed we can install the supercharger pulley and the belt reinstalled. With the pulley done it’s time to cool the intake temperature now with more boost. To do that we are installing the Shelby dual pass heat exchanger with dual spal fans. Once the front bumper is removed, the factory heat exchanger can come out. Side by side shows the difference! The new heat exchanger can be installed along with the supplied hoses. With that done, only some wiring for the fan has to be done and then this thing is almost ready for the street. With the heat exchanger done it was time to move onto the hood pins.  The factory hood stops are removed so the nut inserts can be installed. With that done the pin can be installed and aligned to start drilling the hood. After carefully drilling the holes in the hood the retaining plates and cables can be installed. With that done, a quick reflash of the computer for the new goodies and then this thing is ready for the street. Be sure to check back soon for before and after dyno pictures and videos!


~ by renegademustangs on January 11, 2011.

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