2006 Pontiac GTO – Pedders Full Bushing Kit and Coil Over – Completed

Welcome to our blog. Over the past couple days we’ve had the pleasure of working on this beautiful goat. We installed a complete Pedders Justice Package that includes almost every bushing, coil overs, and sway bars. We also added in some BMR Subframe connectors to help stiffen this thing up. With this kit it upgrades all the bushings to polyurethane, double adjustable coil overs, and a complete caster camber adjustment front and rear. We started in the rear by removing the IRS. With it removed we could then start removing the control arms so the new bushing could be put in. With the new bushings in the IRS the new beefier sway bar could be installed. With the bushings done the IRS could be reinstalled and centered up.  Now its time to weld in the subframes. With the rear pretty much done and the subframes, we could move to the front. We started off by disassembling everything and lowering down the subframe to install the new sway bar. With the new sway bar installed, the new strut rods and bushings were installed and the subframe centered back into the vehicle. With the bushings done it was time to install the coil overs. The front were first installed and adjusted to spec. And then the rear. Now it’s time to get her aligned and have some fun! Be sure to check back soon for more installs by RPMM!


~ by renegademustangs on January 21, 2011.

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