2010 Camaro SS L99 – LS7 Camshaft Swap! Completed + Cool Shop Photos

Welcome back to our blog. Last week we worked on another beautiful gray Camaro SS. This time around it got a LS7 Camshaft swap w/ deleting the VVT. We started off by removing the intake, intake manifold, valve covers, accessories,  and timing cover. With all that removed we could access the camshaft. After removing the timing gear and phaser we then could removed the camshaft. With the camshaft removed, the heads came off to remove the factory lifters so the new LS7 lifters could be installed. With the cylinder heads off it was time to upgrade the valve springs. With that done it was time for reassembly with all the new parts. Once assembled it was time for break in and tuning! Check back soon for dyno numbers and more blogs!



~ by renegademustangs on April 13, 2011.

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