2011 Mustang GT 5.0 – Boss Intake Manifold, Suspension, Exhaust, and Custom Tune – Part I

Welcome back to our blog. Today we are working on a 2011 Mustang GT. We are installing a Boss Intake Manifold w/ strut tower brace, Steeda Sport Springs, Steeda Panhard Bar, JBA axle back, ForgeStar F14 Wheels, and to top it off a custom dyno tune. We already installed a Steeda CAI on the car weeks before, so part of this has to come off for the manifold swap. We started off by removing the factory strut tower brace and engine cover. With this off we can now gain access the the intake manifold and fuel system that has to come off. With the fuel rails off the intake manifold can be removed. The new manifold can now go on and bolted down. After hooking up the fuel rails and emissions lines, the new strut tower brace can be installed. With that done it was time to move onto the suspension. The front struts were removed and taken apart for the new springs to be installed. With the front done the back can be installed and the new panhard bar installed. After settling the vehicle we can now adjust the the panhard hard bar to recenter the rear end. Now it was time to move onto the exhaust. After removing the factory exhaust, the new exhaust can be installed and adjusted to get the tips centered. Now that all the mechanical work is done it ready for the dyno. Be sure to check back tomorrow for dyno tuning videos and results and installation for the new wheels!



~ by renegademustangs on August 3, 2011.

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