2010 Shelby GT500 – MGW Shifter, BMR Control arms and relocation, lightweight driveshaft w/ Loop – Completed

We had another cool car in the shop today. This 2010 Shelby GT500 is getting some good suspension upgrades, shifter, and an lighteweight drive shaft with loop. To start off this project, we started with the shifter. After removing some trim pieces and boots, we could then access the stock shifter for removal. With the old shifter out the new one could go in and be adjusted. With the shifter done, it was time to move back a bit to the driveshaft. Once the factory heavy 2 piece driveshaft was out of the way the new driveshaft safety loop could be bolted into place. Now it was time to slide in the new lightweight one piece driveshaft. With that done again it was time to move a bit further back. Now it was time to start removing the factory control arms. After removing the rear seat we can gain access to the 3rd link and get that one out of the way. The new 3rd link and bracket could now be bolted in. Now it was time to remove the factory lower control arms so the new ones could be bolted in along with the relocation brackets to get this thing launching right. With all the suspension in place, it was time to dial in the pinion angle with the new adjustable 3rd link. Once the pinion angle is dialed in, its time for some fun! Be sure to check back soon for more blogs. Upcoming projects include 2004 Cobra getting a 3.4L Whipple and upgrade fuel system and a 2010 Camaro SS getting a Whipple w/ custom fuel system and much much more!


~ by renegademustangs on August 11, 2011.

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