2001 Ford Mustang Cobra – Mcleod Racing RST Twin Disc Clutch – Completed

Some of you might recognized this bad boy from before when we installed a Kenne Bell Supercharger. Well its back to help get some of that new power to the ground with a Mcleod RST twin disc clutch. These top of the line clutches feature a two 10.5″ disc design to give you the grip you want without all that pedal effort and the drive-ability of a stock clutch! To start off we removed the factory mid pipe to gain access to the transmission. After unbolting the crossmember and transmission the transmission could be removed. After removing the King Cobra clutch that was in there it was time to install the new pilot bearing and Aluminum flywheel. With that done the new clutch system could be aligned and bolted into place. With that done the new throw out bearing was installed along with the new adjustable fork pivot ball. With that all installed the transmission was reinstalled along with the factory mid pipe. With that done it was time to make some adjustments and break in the new clutch! Be sure to check back soon for more projects including Project 71 Mach I and its newly built 440ci Small Block Ford and custom supercharger!



~ by renegademustangs on August 18, 2011.

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