2004 Mustang Cobra – Whipple 3.4L supercharger, upgraded fuel system, Metco Crank Pulley – Completed

Welcome back to our blog! Thought I’d share a car we recently did. It was a 2004 Cobra that we installed a Whipple 3.4L supercharger, custom fuel system, and metco crank pulley. We started off by getting the old supercharger and manifold assembly off. With that off we could take off the old supercharger and start installing the new one. The new blower along with new DivisionX fuel rails and 60lb injectors. With the assembly installed on the manifold it was time to drop on the new blower assembly. With that done, the plumbing and electrical was hooked back up. With that done we could install the new crank pulley and belt. Now it was time to move to the fuel system. With the tank out, the new fuel hat and Ford GT pumps were installed. Also with the tank out it was a good chance to run the wiring for the dual fuel pump driver module upgrade. With that done it was time for the dyno tuning! This bad boy put down 615rwhp! Now it’s ready for the strip! Check back soon for more installs!


~ by renegademustangs on September 22, 2011.

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