2010 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 – JBA Full Exhaust System – Completed

Welcome back to our blog. We haven’t been able to show a lot of new projects as we’ve been so busy last month! We want to thank all of our loyal customers for making November our busiest month yet! If this is your first time on here, we tried to show some cool photos of vehicles we are working on and shop updates including specials and events. Yesterday we had a beautiful 2010 silver Dodge Challenger SRT8. We’ve already done some work on this bad boy but now it’s back for exhaust. We installed a JBA cat back system. We started off by removing the factor exhaust in two sections. With it out of the way and compared to the new system you can already tell this thing is going to sound a lot better. With the old stuff out we could start installing the new pieces. Starting off with the x pipe and then the mufflers. With the mufflers done it twas time to move on to the tail pipes. Once the tailpipes were in place the old tips could be reinstalled and aligned. Being a stainless system it’s always a great idea to tach weld the joints to prevent movement and slipping. Now this thing is ready for the street! Be sure to check back soon for more work and upcoming holiday specials!


~ by renegademustangs on December 8, 2011.

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