2011 Ford Mustang GT – Fays 2 Watts Link, Steeda Upper Adjustable 3rd Link, Steeda Billet Lower Control Arms – Completed

Yesterday we had the pleasure of working on this beautiful blue beast. You might recognized this car from previous blogs. This bad boy already has a Steeda intake, Steeda sport springs, Sway Bars, and tune. Now it’s here for some more goodies including a Fays 2 Watts Link and Steeda Billet Lower Control Arms and Adjustable 3rd link. We started with disassembling the the rear sway bar and removing the factory control arms. With the factory 3rd link out of the way the new one can be installed. With that out of the way the lower control arms can be installed. With the control arms out of the way the panhard bar and brace are removed to make room for the watts link. The watts link brace is first installed. With that installed the axle tube clamps are installed along with the propeller.  After that the link arms are installed. Now with everything properly installed the vehicle is now ready to be set up and dialed in. This includes setting the 3rd link and watts link. Now this thing is ready for the track! Be sure to check back soon for more installs and updates!


~ by renegademustangs on March 29, 2012.

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