Taking a long road trip this summer? You might want to schedule one of RPMM’s top to bottom 45 point vehicle inspections before hitting the open road!

Here at Renegade Performance we pride ourselves on offering state of the art automotive services that meet or exceed your expectations. Most manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedules fall short when it comes to ensuring the longevity of your vehicle’s critical systems. Some manufacturers base their service schedules on ideal driving conditions which do not take into account the harsher environments our vehicles are exposed too. High heat, salty air, stop & go traffic, and arid desert like conditions all would be considered severe duty in our opinion. In environments such as these, adhering to your vehicle’s oil change schedule is imperative.

In environments such as these, we’d recommend our 12,000 mile 45 point performance service in between your standard oil change schedule. This service includes the removal and replacement of ALL your vehicle’s vital fluids as well as a visual inspection of all critical vehicle components and systems.

Our performance service plans start at just $399.95 plus parts/labor. Below, is a partial list of services included:

Check all belts for wear & tension Check battery & terminals
Check pcv system & oil cap Check all hoses & clamps
Check fuse box & all fuses Check exhaust system & mounts
Check hydro system (94+ Mustang only) Check cv joints & u-joints
Check clutch/electric fan Check center support bearing
Check all cooling system sensors Check steering rack/tie rods
Check brake pads for wear Check wheel bearings/hubs
Check battery & terminals Check suspension bushings
Check sub-frame bolts Check power steering system
Check tire pressure Check/adjust parking brake
Check wiper blades/washer Check brake/clutch master cylinder
Check a/c system operation Check struts/shocks/dampers
Check all interior lighting Check clutch adjustment
Check all exterior lighting Check outside mirror operation


~ by renegademustangs on June 8, 2012.

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